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Gazelle Tour Populair T8 | Low Step

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Rediscover Timeless Elegance: Introducing the Gazelle Tour Populair T8 Low Step

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Meet the Gazelle Tour Populair T8 Low Step, a perfect fusion of retro allure and contemporary functionality. Meticulously designed for those who cherish authentic style and a touch of nostalgia, this iconic Gazelle model seamlessly integrates an 8-speed gear hub into its classic low-step frame. Whether you choose the high-step or low-step variant, each journey ensures a leisurely experience in harmony with Dutch cycling tradition.

Featuring Shimano Nexus internal hub gears and a dependable roller brake system, the Gazelle Tour Populair T8 Low Step guarantees seamless gear transitions and precise stops, elevating your cycling pleasure. Enhanced by a sprung Brooks saddle and oversized wheels, this bike delivers unmatched comfort and agility. With practical additions like a double kickstand, ding dong bell, and AXA security lock, the Gazelle Tour Populair T8 Low Step effortlessly marries timeless sophistication with modern convenience, promising a delightful ride on every occasion.


  • 8 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears 
  • Roller brakes 
  • Traditional upright steel frame for a very relaxed cycling posture 
  • Brooks B67 leather saddle 
  • Weighs  22.9kg 
  • Integrated AXA Defender lock
  • Dynamo hub lights

See the step through version here.

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