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    about bell's bicycles

    Bells Bicycles is a chic cyclist’s repair shop and haven for bicycles and accessories with traditional appeal. Kent and Sussex Guide Jan 2014

     "Bells Bicycles combines elegance and engineering. Driving a car is so last century!" Stella magazine June 2013

              "A cyclist’s heaven – from fast track bikes of the Forties to classically-inspired contemporary designs. Now that's a good idea" Vogue, Oct 2012

         "Bells is a cornucopia of elegance and engineering. Even the names of these bicycles conjure up another world- the Hero Royale, the Raleigh Caprice, the Cameo Classic." Homes and Antiques, August 2011

    "Having got our bike from Bells Bicycles, we explored the rugged Terrain of Hastings and beyond" Gay Times Nov 2012


     " Where to shop? Treat yourself to a sexy Pashley at this stylish bike shop" Coast Magazine Oct 2012.

      "One person who understands the universal appeal of historic cycles is Megan Williams, From opening Bells at the tender age of 22, she has been purveying the finest vintage machines to a growing army of customers ever since" Pretty Nostalgic Sep 2012.