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Cycle Scheme UK

It's easy to purchase a bike through The Cycle to Work Scheme it can also save you up to 40% when buying a bike plus accessories that you plan to use as your ride to work. 

Your employer buys the bike and you pay towards it monthly from your gross salary. Overall your salary is reduced and so is your tax bill - hence the savings. This arrangement usually lasts for around a year. At the end of this period, ownership of the bike is transfered from your place of work to you.

To get the ball rolling:

1. Choose your bike.

2. Ask Bell's for a quote which you'll hand into your work.

3. Wait a couple of weeks and collect your bike!

As a partnering store of the Cycle Scheme we pay a percentage of every sale to the scheme. This means that all bikes bought through the scheme must be bought at the rrp rather than a sale price.

If you don't live within collecting distance of Bell's that's fine. The process is the same. We'll just ask that you to send us your certificate before we deliver the bike.

If you choose a bike where availability is limited, we may suggest that you put down a deposit to reserve it until your certificate comes through. This will be returned to you in full when your certificate arrives.


For more information regarding the Cycle to Work Scheme, contact us at