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        Raleigh classic bike restoration

        At Bell's we specialise in vintage bike restoration and offer every level of restoration to all bikes, in any condition.

        We have a dedicated restoration workshop with specialist knowledge and a network of partnering companies who we work with to provide chroming and paint finishes.

        We are based in Hastings, East Sussex although we restore bikes globally and can provide an estimate from photos. We'll arrange to have the bike collected and then returned at the end of the job.


        General costs associated with a full restoration.

        We would need to see the bike before giving an accurate estimate but these are the usual costs associated with a full restoration.

        Full restoration exc chrome

        This is to return the bike to shop floor (new) condition. This includes restoring/replacing all parts, paint, decals and reassembly. £1000 - £1500

        Full restoration inc chrome

        Same as above but with the inclusion of chromed parts. £1500 - £2000

        Basic restoration

        This makes the best of what the bike has without respraying the frame. We strip, clean, polish and service all parts. We strip, clean and polish the frame and correct imperfections in the paint work. Rebuild.  £400 - £600 

        If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, we're always happy to help. 

        You can reach us on 01424 716 541 or send an email to

        For a more detailed look at the processes involved in bike restoration see our blog articles.

        Raleigh All Steel

        Hetchins Tandem

        Examples of past work

        The Raleigh All Steel - Step Through

        The Hetchins Tandem

        The Royal Enfield 

        The Raleigh All Steel

        The Carlton Criterium

        The Gitane

        The Dawes Galaxy