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Cycle To Work Schemes

Included cycle schemes


Bike 2 Work

Halfords / Cycle 2 Work

Green Commute Initiative

Cycle Solutions


If your certificate value is less than the cost of the order, you can top up the remainder using your own funds.

The process 


1.The Quote

Once you have chosen which bike and accessories you would like, email / call us directly to ask for a quote. At this stage we generally ask for a deposit of £100 to hold the bike until your cycle scheme has been processed. On receipt of the bike the deposit is refunded directly back to you.


2. Pass the quote onto your employer

Your employer will then issue you with a certificate for the value of the bike and accessories you have chosen.


3. Forward the certificate / letter of collection onto Bell's

Once we have the certificate, we input the scheme details into our system.


4. We process your order

We'll be in touch at this stage for you to decide whether you would like to collect your bike or have it delivered. 


5. What happens next

The bike is paid back through a salary sacrifice (calculated by your employer) and there is generally an overall tax saving of around 30% of the value of the bike.

Please note that all products sold through a cycle scheme have to be quoted at the full RRP. Cycle schemes charge the retailer a commission on each sale so reduced prices are unviable.