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Dawes Duchess

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Dawes Duchess

The Dawes Duchess is destined to be your everyday companion. The bold metallic paintwork mixed with design classics make the Duchess a great looking bike while the carefully chosen components means it's a pleasure to ride.

We love the double basket on the Dawes Duchess, the steel basket stays securely on the bike at all times, and the stylish rattan basket with carry handle slips out of it’s holder with ease, allowing you to quickly, easily and elegantly use it for your shopping, then just drop it back in place.  Lovely.

Dutchess Specification

Cycle Scheme

Need help with sizing? Use this handy method to accurately work out the size you need:

Inside leg measurement (cm) x 0.64

For example, Rosa's inside leg is 29" so 29 x 0.64 = 18.5". Rosa should choose the 19" frame as it's always best to go slightly bigger than smaller.

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Please note: If you opt for delivery your bike will arrive partly dismantled and will require some  assembly at your end. For more info please get in touch. If you are able to collect the bike in store then it will be fully assembled and checked by one of our in house mechanics.

To keep your bike running smoothly........

New bikes are expected to be brought into Bells for complementary adjustments around four weeks after purchase. When purchasing a new bike it is inevitable that adjustments will be needed at some point due to cable stretch. This routine maintenance does not class as a fault. If you are too far away to bring your bike in for changes, please be aware that this is something you need to do at your own cost.

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