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Petromax Stainless Steel Fire Kettle

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Petromax Stainless Steel Fire Kettle

Elevate your outdoor kitchen with the Petromax Stainless-Steel Fire Kettle, your trusted ally for wilderness excursions. This versatile kettle harnesses the power of nature, utilizing small branches, twigs, or fir cones as fuel for swift ignition.

Equipped with a convenient,t no leaks screw-on lid. The Fire Bowl, complete with sturdy feet, ensures a stable foundation for the kettle, while its compact design allows for easy transport and storage.

Crafted from robust stainless steel, this kettle boasts silicone handles for heat protection and effortless handling. 

Whether boiling water or whipping up a quick meal, the Fire Kettle delivers unmatched performance. Thanks to its innovative double-wall design and internal cavity, water reaches a rolling boil within minutes, signalled by the unmistakable steam whistle.

But the Fire Kettle isn't just for boiling water; it doubles as a reliable camping stove. The included Cooking Device transforms the top of the kettle into a stable platform for pots and pans, making meal preparation a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Rapid water boiling facilitated by the double-wall construction
  • Effortlessly fuelled with small twigs and fir cones
  • Additional screw-on lid for secure water transportation
  • Stability ensured by a tilt-proof stand and heat-resistant silicone handles
  • Ideal for both boiling water and heating food, ensuring self-sufficiency in any outdoor setting.