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    We have scoured the globe to source our collection of bicycles, and each of our brands offer different levels of warranty.

    The standard warranty on all bikes is one year ?? against material and workmanship faults.  If it gets scratched from normal use, knocked over, weathered from locking up outside, or damaged by impact, that’s not covered.

    The warranty is usually limited to the frame itself not incidentals or associated costs (for example, labour and postage).

    Bike parts are covered with a six month ??? warranty against material and workmanship faults. However, in normal daily use things will show wear. This wear is not covered by warranty. Tyres, pads, cables, chains, grips and saddles (to name a few) are all ‘wear’ parts so they need to be looked after, kept clean and properly adjusted, and replaced from time to time.

    Any part bearing branding is covered by the warranty of that brand. This is a separate warranty. We can assist with direct claims to those parts manufacturers. ??

    It is important to note that bicycle warranties only apply to the original owner of the bike and can not be transferred to subsequent owners or purchasers.

    The following parts are covered by warranty where it is clear there has been no abuse or misuse: 

    • Cracked or broken frames / decks
    • Cracked or broken forks
    • Cracked or broken bars
    • Cracked or broken hubs
    • Internal axle failure BB/wheels
    • Cracked or broken cranks
    • Visible manufacturing defects to any part or component (should be reported as soon as noticed)

    Examples of items not covered by your warranty:

    • punctures
    • buckled wheels / de-hub 
    • worn tires
    • worn/broken chains (unless clearly a manufacturing defect)
    • worn sprockets
    • worn bearings or hub internals
    • labor charges for replacing parts, paint and decals
    • the cost of travel or shipment to and from a qualified bike mechanic. Such costs, if any, shall be borne by the owner.

    The following is a brief description of the warranty offered by the brands in our stable, listed in alphabetical order.  Please ensure you retain your order confirmation as proof of purchase. For more information please contact us.





    Lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the original owner, against defects to the frame and forks.

    2 year warranty to the mechanical structure of all other components.


    2 year warranty for paint and decals.


    5 year warranty for frame and forks. 1 year warranty on parts.
    5 year warranty from the purchase date (excludes front and rear suspension parts, paintwork and brightwork). 

    Other parts for one year from the date of purchase (subject to correct inspection). 


    To submit your claim, Pashley will require the frame and serial number of your bike, along with proof of purchase. 


    Please note these warranties all exclude normal wear and tear and any consequential damage caused.

    • 12-month guarantee on all frames and forks.