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Temple Bike Assembly

How to assemble your Temple bicycle.
For safe delivery your bike will have to be carefully packed in a big box. This does mean a bit of assembly at your end. So, in what right now may be a head scratching time we thought we would share with you our step by step method to assembling your new Temple bicycle.
For the purpose of this guide we've used the cross bar Temple Classic Lightweight. The assembly process is the same for all Temple cycles we stock.
Required Tools
Adjustable spanner
5mm alan/hex key
A pedal spanner (not essential if you don't have one)
Once you've got your bike out of the big cardboard box it arrived in, it will look like this.
Take all the packaging off and you should be left with this.

1. Handlebars
Stand your bike so that it's balancing on the rear wheel and the front forks. Straighten the handlebars and tighten using the central alan bolt (this may be hidden under a small round plastic covering at the centre of your handlebars)
Make sure the handlebars are straight and in the correct position for riding and tighten the central hex bolt that sits under the plastic cap. This is the only thing that prevents your handlebars from popping out so ensure it is done up really tight. 
2. Front Wheel
Remove the Plastic cap covering the axle.
Locate the wheel spindle in the small box - it looks like this.
Unscrew one end and slide off the spring so that it looks like this.
Slide the front wheel spindle through the wheel axle and reinstate the spring and plastic nut.
Then slot the wheel into the two vertical drop outs of the front forks. Make sure both ends are wound out enough to allow space for the drop outs.
Screw in both sides and lock in place.
3. Pedals.
You can see which pedal is right or left by looking at the ends.
Screw in the pedals by hand and then tighten using an adjustable spanner or pedal spanner.
4. Saddle.
Slot the saddle into the down tube and set at the right height. Then tighten.
And that's it! Happy cycling and congrats on your new bike!