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    For safe delivery your bike will have to be carefully packed in a big box. This does mean a bit of assembly at your end. So, in what right now may be a head scratching time we thought we would share with you our step by step method to assembling your new Pashley bicycle.
    For the purpose of this guide we've used the cross bar Pashley Briton. If this isn't the model you are assembling, that's fine. The assembly process is near identical for all Pashley bikes we stock.
    Required Tools
    Adjustable spanner
    5mm alan/hex key
    A pedal spanner (not essential if you don't have one)
    1. Once you've got your bike out of the big cardboard box it arrived in, it will look like this.
    2. Remove all packaging until you are left with this.
    3. Fitting the front wheel.
    Stand the bike up so that it is balancing on the rear wheel and front forks. Take the front wheel and remove the nuts, washers and safety washers from the axle.
    3. When sliding the wheel into the drop outs on the front forks, there are a couple of parts that also need to be correctly aligned. 
    The Brake Arm. Located on the wheel and the housing it needs to slide into on the front forks.
    The Dynamo Light Terminal One end is attached to the forks, the other is on the front wheel.
    Once the brake arm, and the light terminals are aligned, you can slide everything simultaniously into place.
    4.Fitting the front mudguard.
    At the centre top (rear) of the forks you'll find a nut securing the light bolt into place. Release this nut and remove from the bolt.
    Locate the hanger on the front mudguard, slide it over the bolt and secure with the nut.
    Then follow this sequence to attach the mudguard stays:
    Refit the safety washers on the front wheel axle.
    Slot the holes in the mudguard stays onto the axle.
    Overlay the standard washers.
    Secure with the wheel nuts.
    Front Light
    The front dynamo light might be upside down. To correct this, loosen the front bolt using an alan key and you'll be able rotate it 180 degrees so it's mounted in the correct position.
    Locate your handlebars and remove both the alan bolt cover in the centre of the handlebars and the end cap from the end of the handlebar stem.
    Unscrew the central alan bolt slightly to free off the star lock nut (wedge at the base of the handlebar stem) and then slide it into the top of the head set.
    Set the handlebars to the height you want and then tighten by turning the central alan bolt in the opposite direction. Please be aware that there are safety markings on the handlebar stem which are there to show the maximum height you can set your bars to.
    You should now be at this stage.
    To turn the handlebars to an upright position, unscrew the alan bolt in the center of the handlebars.
    And set to the angel required.
    Connecting the front brake. 
    Locate the front brake cable and identify where it connects to the front brake lever.
    Connect the cable end to the brake lever and guide it through the openings on the lever.
    Once  the cable end is locked in place, connect the other end of the brake cable to the brake itself located in the center of the front wheel.
    Connect the end of the brake cable to the brake arm. Pull the brake arm lever back and hook the barrel adjuster through the hole provided.
    The final front brake set up should look like this.