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Each E-Bike Range, Explained.

At Bell's, we've curated a selection of the very best electric bikes to suit our customer's cycling needs.
The electric bike market can be overwhelming, so we've done the research for you.
Our focus, as always, is on quality, style, and performance, ensuring that whatever it is you need from your e-ride, you'll see the best examples out there. Explore our collection to find the perfect electric bike that matches your riding style. Discover the best E-Bike brands that prioritise comfort, aesthetics, and performance, all available at Bell's.
Here's a super quick overview of the Bell's E-Bike family. 
Temple Cycles 
temple classic electric city bike ebike
Emphasis on classic design, clean lines with high-performance modern electric technology.
Power for responsive city riding. This range boasts an impressive 60nm Bafang electric motor.
Targeted towards riders who appreciate design details and a clean aesthetic.
Combines traditional craftsmanship with high cutting-edge electric components.
Suited for most riding needs. This bike is a true all-rounder. Everyday rides, commuting, and steep gravel tracks - all with a touch of style.
Gazelle Electric Bikes
gazelle electric hybrid ebike
This diverse range is famous for its comfort, reliability, and versatility.
Focus on quality, powerful motors, ergonomic design, and advanced features for all levels of riding.
Offers a wide range of models catering to various needs and preferences.
Suitable for riders prioritizing comfort, practicality, and ease of use.
Great choice for daily commuters, recreational cyclists, and those seeking dependable performance.
Eovolt Electric Bikes
Specializes in compact and foldable electric bikes.
Designed for urban mobility, portability, and convenience.
Ideal for commuters, travellers, and riders with limited storage space.
Offers lightweight yet sturdy frames with decent battery life and performance.
Perfect for city dwellers, RV owners, and adventurers seeking compactness and flexibility.
Raleigh Electric Bikes
Offers a diverse range of entry-level electric bikes catering to various riding styles.
Known for innovation, technology, and performance-oriented designs.
Provides options for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.
Features robust frames, powerful motors, and quality components.
Appeals to riders seeking versatility, durability, and high-performance capabilities.


MBM Electric Bikes

mbm city town electric bike ebike la rue

Focuses on leisure-oriented electric bikes.

Offers comfort, style, and ease of use for relaxed rides.

Suited for riders looking for leisurely urban or countryside exploration.


How They Differ:

  • Temple Cycles: Classic design with a focus on aesthetics and heritage.
  • MBM Electric Bikes: Budget friendly, fun and elegant.
  • Gazelle Electric Bikes: Emphasis on comfort, reliability, and practicality for city riding.
  • Eovolt Electric Bikes: Specializes in compact, foldable designs for urban mobility.
  • Raleigh Electric Bikes: Offers a diverse range of high-performance electric bikes for various riding styles.

Choosing Based on Riding Style:

  • Leisure & Vintage Appeal: Temple Cycles
  • Simplicity and style: MBM Electric Bikes
  • Comfort & City Commuting: Gazelle Electric Bikes
  • Portability & Urban Mobility: Eovolt Electric Bikes
  • Versatility & Performance: Raleigh Electric Bikes