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Gazelle Electric Bikes

Thanks to Gazelle's comprehensive electric bike range, there's absolutely an e-bike to suit every cyclist. From carving through craggy mountain sides to the daily school run, Gazelle offer a high spec and reliable range of electric bikes that will give you that much needed boost. Allowing you to scale even higher peaks or cut your commute time in half.

Choosing the right electric bike for you. We've thought carefully about who our e-bike customers are, what they need from their electric bike and split them into three groups - 

Understanding the motors used on the Gazelle Ebike range.

The Gazelle electric bike range is currently using either a Shimano Steps or a Bosch system (motor) While both are extremely reliable electric bike motors, they are aimed at the following riders - 

Shimano (HMS) motors - aimed at the leisure / flatter landscape rider

Bosch (HMB) motors - aimed at the long distance commuter / steeper landscape rider

If more detail would be helpful, have a look at our guide where we break down and compare the different systems / motors used within the Gazelle E-Bike range.