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    Thanks to Gazelle's comprehensive range of ebikes you can have a reliable travelling companion for every ride; whether you cycle every day, go on a ride now and then, or simply love a challenge.  With 125 years of bicycle design and manufacture behind them, we believe Gazelle has the right answer for every rider and you can trust that your ebike will give you years of cycling pleasure.

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    The world of ebikes can be intimidating at first. As a starting point, have a think about how you plan to use your bike.

    This will direct you towards the right motor for you.


    gazelle electric bike panasonic motor review

    Are you looking for a discreet boost now and then without being too aware of it? Take a look at the Panasonic driven ebikes with a front wheel motor. Thanks to its smart design, your Gazelle ebike looks just like an ordinary bike and with the motor off, it rides like one too! Panasonic front wheel motors are nearly silent so no-one will hear you coming. Enjoy the serenity!


    gazelle electric bike bosch shimano steps review

    Would you like to climb hills with ease or travel long distances in confidence? No challenge is too great for an ebike with a mid mounted motor and Gazelle offer two choices, Shimano Steps or


    Each system has its own plus points and the low positioning of the motor in the middle of your bikes allows for a nimble ride with optimum road handling. 


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