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The art of play. Welcome to the world of Banwood Bikes.

Ready, Steady, Go!

George Dorsey once said that "play is the beginning of knowledge" and we couldn't agree more. It's the start of everything. Play gives a child the freedom to take their mind and body to outer space in a moment and let it fly.

Through play and experimentation, balance bikes have changed how a child can learn to ride by allowing them to explore their natural motor skills without having to think about brakes or pedals. By introducing our children to balance bikes we are allowing crazy, confident and natural cyclists to emerge. As Banwood say "play is the key to children's growth and lays the foundation for adult life"

Banwood, a family owned design company are dedicated to creating high end balance bikes for children from 2 - 4 years. They focus on every detail to guarantee that each bike is intuitive to the rider’s style of play. Whether they are chasing unicorns through night skies or tentatively collecting fossils in their basket, a balance bike can suit a child’s nature and plans.

We are thrilled to have Banwood as part of the Bell's fold and we can't wait to see how they shape the naturally strong cyclists of the future. 


banwood balance bike. stylish balance bike. boys banwod bike

 Product: Banwood First Go - Blue + Greenbanwood balance bike white. cool balance bike. boys banwod bike

 Products: Banwood First Go - White

banwood balance bike. girls balance bike. pink balance bike

Product: Banwood First Go - Pink

banwood balance bike. hipster balance bike. yellow banwod bike

Product: Banwood First Go - Vanilla

banwood balance bike. cool balance bike. boys banwod bike