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        BELLS BY THE SEA — bike restoration sussex

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        Herschel rucksacks at Bells Bicycles

        Bikes and bags seem to just go together, especially rucksacks. They both embrace style and practicality: our two favourite things at Bells Bicycles. Our new love is the Herschel range, cool colourful and comfy. 

        They are the perfect bags for cyclists, when we say bags for cyclists we are referring to well made, structured, comfortable bags that are great for carrying your things when on the move. They don't attach to the bike, they are so comfy they don't need to! 

        Our chosen pieces from the Herschel range have to be the Little America for its modern twist on the old mountaineering rucksack.

                  Herschel Little America grey                  

                      Herschel Little America grey

                    The Herschel Little America (grey) £78

                Herschel Little America blackHerschel Little America black

                  Herschel Little America (black) £78

         Herschel Little America blue    Herschel Little America blue

         Herschel Little America (blue) £78

        You can find more of the Herschel range in our bags for cyclists section. 

        25% off spring services - The best bike repair in Hastings.


        At Bells Bicycles we understand that a lot of us are fair weather cyclists and that's fine! Your bike may have spent more time than usual in the shed these past months but that doesn't mean you can't get straight back into it now spring is here. Dust off your bike this March and pop down for a spring service. Our friendly and qualified mechanics will go through exactly what needs doing and you'll be at one with your bike once more. See you soon!

        Basic service: 

        Complete inspection, adjustment, and external lubrication of your bicycle. 


        Full service:

        An internal lubrication of all moving parts plus adjustments and replacement of faulty parts. 


        Complete Overhaul

        Full reconditioning of your bicycle. We completely disassemble your entire bike. We hand clean all components, re-lube them, re-install them, and re-assemble your bicycle. Then we perform a tune-up. An overhaul gives a dirty, well ridden bicycle a new life and greatly reduces wear and tear on all of its components.


        Pick ups

        Having trouble getting your bike to Bells? We'll pick it up from your home/work for just £10

        There is no need to book your bike in for a service at Bells, just pop down anytime.

         01424 716 541                        

         Bells Bicycles, 4 George st, Hastings TN34 3EG

        Restoration at Bells

        Though we love the light weight sleekness of our modern brands, preservation and restoration is still in our hearts.

        This is a 1926 Raleigh All Sports which has been in the same family since new. Now it's finished it will make the long journey to Australia!

        Our brief was to keep as much of the original bike as possible, we managed bar a couple of tyres and cables.










        If you have a bicycle in need of restoration, please contact us at

        We will happily take a look and supply you with a free quotation.