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Our pick of the best 20" kids bikes for 2018.

As always we have little riders on our minds. We know that some of our most lasting memories are formed in our early years and we want to squish them full of colour, fun and experimentation.

In this post we've decided to focus on 20" bikes exclusively as this size often signals an important transition between first/baby bike to something which feels much bigger. So it's good to get it right.

We've continued to search every corner of Europe in 2018 and discovered some incredible bicycles that are intuitive and will support your little cyclist to be confident and natural riders.

Here are our top picks of 20" bikes 2018.




Ryedale Rose 20" girls bike

The Ryedale Rose 20" £279

Firstly, what a colour! Soft peach and caramel tones with brown grips, tyres, saddle and bunjies. 

Rose is a smooth, stable ride that allows the rider to get into more advanced cycling with confidence.

We love how the upright positioning and wide handlebars make it easy to control while the 7 speed Shimano Nexus gears and hybrid tyres make pedalling adventures fun on road and rough tracks.

A big thumbs up from us!

Viking Belgravia £230

This little bike is kitted out with everything you need to get to A to B with confidence.

This is the bike we would choose if we wanted to do the ride to school. It's really upright so visibility is great on the road and thanks to the sturdy pannier rack with bunjies and basket you can load up your book bag and PE kit and you're good to go.

Not only do we love the colour options of the Belgravia (it also comes in yellow and pink) but we admire that it's been built well and can handle both road and rough paths.


The Reid Roadster £169

We are really drawn to the simplicity of this bike. There's less to figure out, there's less to go wrong so there's more time to just enjoy the ride. This also translates to the over all weight of the bike which makes for a light and easy ride.

We're a fan of a back pedal brake at Bell's and the Reid Roadster uses a combination of a front mini dual pivot caliper and a rear back pedal. This results in strong, reliable braking.

The low single-speed gearing is very simple to maintain, with just the right gear ratio to allow easy riding over all kinds of terrain.

The Denovo Dotti £179

At seven this would have been our dream bike to ride. It's got sass, it flys along nicely and you can bump along rough tracks to your hearts content.

We love the cruiser/dutch bike cross over of this little bike. It offers all the comforts of a Dutch bike whilst offering a little more swagger in the playground. The Denovo Dotti is just a single speed (no gears) so if you only plan to do mostly flat rides then great (less to concerntrate on) but something to consider if the route to school is a steep one.



Denovo Dotti ATB £159

The Dotti ATB is built for cyclists who want to explore more "off piste". Denovo have kept it really simple with no gears so you can bounce around happily without fear of your chain falling off. The straighter riding position gives a lot more control to the ride.

We don't need to talk about how cool this little bike looks, that's evident but we do love the nod to 1980's BMX style.


Creme Mini Molly £389

We think it's fair to say that the Mini Molly proudly takes the throne as the Queen bike in our junior range.

The Mini Molly is destined to roll along the boulevard and she has been designed to pre empt the needs of the cyclist with automatic gears which means no levers, no cables, no distractions from the experience.

If this little bike is in budget then go for it, it's a dream to ride and can be passed down through generations. Creme have opted for the best quality, lightweight components allowing the Mini Molly and the rider to fly.