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Good things come in small packages!

‘Good things come in small packages’! While this is undoubtedly true, here at Bell’s we recognise it is often quite a challenge to find the perfect smaller package.

We’ve put together a selection of smaller bicycles to help our petite customers find the right bike that fits them like a glove.

The main thing to remember with any bike is that you should feel comfortable whilst riding! Comfort and confidence on your bike is key, and will result in you using your bike more and more as your confidence grows. We believe we have found five bikes that suit the needs of smaller women.

Reid Vintage Classic Petite 24"

Reid Vintage Classic Petite 24” Wheel £250

Boasting 7 gears, a Dutch style, ‘sit up and beg’, low step through frame,  it comes in a snazzy mint green colour, this bike has been specially made for women and young ladies who are 137 -157cm tall (for riders 4’5” - 5’1”, in old money). The frame is compact, so there will be no reaching for the handlebars and the sitting position can be adjusted to just the right height, leaving your toes resting on the floor, or for the more cautious cyclist, flat on the floor. This bicycle not only has full retro style credentials, but it’s fabulous for pottering around town or heading out for a tour about the country.  It’s a true contender and will win over your heart.

Tokyobike Bisou

Tokyobike Bisou - 42cm £550

What a bike! The Tokyobike Bisou is compact in size and massive in substance. These bikes were originally designed for living and travelling around Tokyo (hence the smaller scale of the bike) which means they are a light and nippy ride for getting about town. The Bisou has a gentle curve to the handlebars that encourage an upright sitting position and enhance the comfort of the rider. The 42cm frame will suit riders 142cm - 158cm (4’8” - 5’2”), and comes in a variety of colours. It’s the perfect companion for style conscious, go getter women! The Bisou is not just a bike, it’s a lifestyle.

Pashley Poppy - Blue

Pashley Poppy - 17” £489

Pashley bicycles, on the whole, are one to avoid if one is on the shorter side of 5’5”. Happily the Pashley Poppy proves to be the exception to the rule. Its classic style is not encumbered by ‘frilly bits’ such as a large and heavy front basket or particularly swept back handlebars. The Poppy offers an upright sitting position, 3 gears to head into town or county and oodles of charm and grace. The bike comes in two colours - Peppermint and Powder Blue and most importantly the Poppy stays true to its traditional background (with an integrated hand pump), whilst being a lighter more modern version of a classic Pashley bicycle. This is a bike for those with a minimum 70cm (27.5”)  inner leg measurement and who love the British cycling tradition, which the Poppy has in buckets.

Creme Caferacer

Creme Caferacer Solo - 44cm £759

We recently added Creme Cycles to our stable hear at Bells HQ. We’ve been getting to know them over the last few months and boy o boy these are superb bikes! The Caferacer Solo features a mixte frame double top tube, which gives this bike a completely different feel to the above three bikes. Designed for city streets, it is a racier town bike, with straighter handlebars that are more responsive for riding in traffic.  Seven gears will propel you through town as you encounter inclines and wide open spaces. This is the bike for those love 1960/70’s look and feel, and who may be under 160 cm (5’3”). The Solo is available in three jewel colours; Red, Green and Champagne. This bike is all about summer breezes, picnics and good times.

Creme Molly

Creme Molly - S/M £539

The Creme Molly is a quirky take on the traditional Dutch style bike. The frame has been scaled down, but the bike’s personality shines through. Three gears are all you need to get around town and the odd hill. The Creme Molly is available in a choice of four colours; White/Spots, Peach/Spots, Pistachio and Blue. The S/M frame will suit women 148cm - 160cm  (4’8” - 5’3”). This bike has a traditional upright riding position and exudes character. A peach bike with spots? Yes please!

Dawes Duchess Deluxe

Dawes Duchess Deluxe - 15” £389

This Duchess is most definitely a deluxe; for shorter riders (less than 158 cm/5’2”), who really love the old fashioned, low step through frame and large integrated basket. This regal steed is available in two classic vintage colours, Milk or Claret. Seven gears help you navigate roads, town and country, whilst the heritage sprung saddle makes every ride a joy. All in all the Dawe Duchess Deluxe has our vote!

So whether you choose a traditional upright bicycle such as the Pashley Poppy and Reid Girls Vintage Classic, or a contemporary bike such as the Tokyobike Bisou and the Creme Caferacer Solo, there are options available for you regardless of your size. Whichever bike you go for, the team at Bell’s Bicycles are here to guide you through the bike buying process, every step of the way.