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I can fix it! Bike maintenance classes for beginners.

We can feel so close to our bike yet the way it works and how to maintain it can remain a complete mystery to us. We have decided to break down the barrier between bike rider and bike by running our first ever set of maintenance classes from our store in Hastings. The course will start at the absolute basics from how to make your bike comfortable to gear tuning and cleaning.

These classes are for newbies in bike maintenance, absolutely no previous knowledge or practice in bike tinkering is required. It is aimed at riders who love their bike and use it regularly but you don’t have to be a serious cyclist by any means (although if cycling is your life then of course you are welcome too!)

You will walk away from this course feeling confident about maintaining your bike and spotting problems before they develop into expensive repairs. You will be able to see if a bike is unsafe to ride and what it needs to make it road worthy again. You will be able to adjust your brakes and tune your gears if you are out on a ride and if your chain brakes you will be able to mend it on the go.

You will be working on your own bike during this course so we recommend bringing a bike that has been cared for but needs a good service. As each bike and their parts are different, we recommend working on your own bike so you’ll feel confident working on it in future.


What we’ll learn and when:

Each class starts at 6.30 on a Wednesday evening and lasts two hours. The course lasts four weeks but you can book on to individual classes.

20th May Week 1:

  • Puncture repair. Learn how to change your inner tube or tyre either at home or on a ride.
  • Headset adjustment. Spot a loose or wobbly headset and learn how to tighten it.

27th May Week 2:

  • Ergonomics: Learn how to fit your bike to you to ensure a comfy ride. We think about posture, the type of riding you do vs the bike you have and what suits you.
  • Brake adjustment. Understand how the braking system works and diagnose if your brake blocks/cables need replacing. Learn how to set your brakes up for optimum performance and clean your wheel rims.

3rd June Week 3:

  • Gears, Learn the correct use of gears and why it matters. Diagnose problems with gears and setting up gears for perfect performance.

10th June Week 4:

  • Chain: Diagnose when a chain needs replacing and why. Get rid of stiff links and lubricate so that your chain runs smoothly.
  • Wheel truing: Learn to straighten your wheel if it has a wobble or bend.

Each class costs £15 for two hours. There are only 6 places per class so booking is essential. We ask you to pay for your class in advance and cancellation is non refundable.

Please call us on 01424 716 541 to book your place or email us at

We look forward to seeing you at Bells!