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We all want the 2014 new Bobbin Birdie!

Never has a better range of colours graced Bells Bicycles than the new Bobbin 2014 spring collection. Leading this chocolate box of delights is the perfectly formed Bobbin Birdie in a fabulous range of matte finishes from sage green to sun glow yellow, just in time for spring, Bobbin have once again come up trumps.

While retaining the fine features of the 2013 Bobbin Birdie, the new model has upped its game with a higher quality finish and detailing. With a little sass and careful design, the Birdie has entered the big league!

Bobbin Birdie new to 2014 - Sunglow yellow

Bobbin Birdie New to 2014 - pastel blue

Bobbin Birdie new to 2014 - lip stick red

Bobbin Birdie new to 2014 - sage green