Tern Verge X11

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Tern Verge X11

Where does the Verge X11 sit within the Tern range?

The Verge range is built around fast paced city riding. The Verge X11 is the lightest in the Verge range at just 10kg and is the top choice for fast paced roads and big hill climbs. 

The Verge X11 brings three technological leaps to Tern bikes: 451 wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and hyper-wide 1x drivetrains. It’s the no-holds-barred Verge, with hand-built Kinetix™ Pro X wheels, a carbon fiber crankset, optional mirror finish, and a monster 10-42 tooth cassette for steep climbs and spirited descents. Ride one and understand why we call it Light Speed.

  • Ultra light for speed and portability
  • Rides with exceptional comfort and stability thanks to our unique technology and T-Tuned™ geometry
  • Folds in 10 seconds or less—put it in the car to fast forward to the good part of the ride
  • 451 wheels deliver a full-sized ride with minuscule impact on the folded size
  • SRAM’s revolutionary 1x drivetrain—light, compact, and incredibly versatile
  • Chock full of special details like anodized blue accents, straight-pull spokes, and custom-built wheel hubs