Temple Classic Electric

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Inspired by traditional bikes and combined with modern engineering, the Classic Electric is like no other E bike. Designed to be extremely versatile with premium details, the Classic Electric is the ultimate all-rounder. It is all set for riding on a variety of terrain, it boasts a powerful battery, precise disc brakes and puncture resistant tyres. This sleek looking E bike is comfortable enough to keep you riding all day long.

Range - 60km - 120km

Battery - Samsung 500wh

Motor - Mid Drive 80Nm

Braking  - Hydraulic Discs

Key Features

Wide ranging gears 

A wide range of gears that work seamlessly with the powerful motor, allowing you to effortlessly increase and decrease the resistance and tackle any hill.

Powerful and silent mid drive motor

An intelligently motor, tuned with a torque sensor for a perfectly natural ride feel. The motor provides more assist the harder you pedal and vice versa, meaning you have instant on demand acceleration to boost you through traffic and fly up hills with ease.

Removable Battery

A high level discreet battery which integrates into the frame. When it needs to be charged simply remove the battery with the release button.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Powerful and precise hydraulic disc brakes ensure you stay in control, even in the worst of weather conditions. 

Temple Classic Electric Spec + Geo

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