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SwiftyONE-e scooter

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SwiftyONE-e scooter

Swifty has gone electric with the SwiftyONEe! A folding 'kick assist' e-scooter featuring the same quality design and craftsmanship we have come to know and love from Swifty. 

Perfect for commuting, SwiftyONE-e is more than just for the 'last-mile'. The long-range (25 miles / 40 kph) is aided by the kick-assist design for a carefree ride on your daily commute. You can ride using the throttle only and add human power when needed! Glide up hills and freewheel down!

The lightweight frame and stable geometry provide an assured ride, whilst the adult friendly 16-inch pneumatic wheels let you glide over uneven terrain with effortlessly. Cruise your commute with comfort, speed and agility!

The compact 36V battery can be charged on or off the scooter, and comes with a compact charger making it easy to charge on the go. A full charge takes up to 6 hours and has a range of 25 miles / 40 km (based on a 75 kg rider in flat and smooth conditions).

Swifty's unique folding design makes the scooter both easy to stow, and ideal for taking with you on public transport. At only 16cm wide when folded, it neatly stores away in narrow hallways or tucks under a desk out of sight.

Safety is paramount and the SwiftyONE-e comes equipped with front and rear lights, front, rear and side reflectors, and a stylish brass dome Swifty bell!


250W frictionless hub motor enables the rider to kick assist for greater range

36V lithium ion battery - charges in 6 hours

Max Speed 15.5 mph / 25 kph

Range 25 miles / 40 km at full throttle, up to 50 miles riding kick assist (dependent on terrain, weather conditions, rider weight, tyre pressure, rider fitness etc.

Note for UK customers: It is illegal to ride e-scooters in public spaces (roads, cycle lanes, pavements). It must be ridden on private land with landowners permission. This law is currently under review. 

SwiftyONE-e Full Specification

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