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Swifty AIR-e scooter

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SwiftyAIR-e scooter

Swifty has gone electric with the SwiftyAIR-e!!  Built to tackle the toughest road conditions, SwiftyAIR-e scooter is the rugged, big wheel ‘kick-assist’ e-scooter that can take you anywhere and features the same quality design and craftsmanship we have come to know and love from Swifty. 

Perfect for commuting, SwiftyAIR-e is more than just for the 'last-mile'. The long-range (25 miles / 40 kph) is aided by the kick-assist design for a carefree ride on your daily commute. You can ride using the throttle only and add human power when needed! Glide up hills and freewheel down!

Rugged and tough, The AIR-e is the strongest scooter in the Swifty range.  With wider dirt tread high performance tyres and comfortable cross-style handlebars  you will be well equipped to handle all kinds of terrain.

The compact 36V battery can be charged on or off the scooter, and comes with a compact charger making it easy to charge on the go. A full charge takes up to 6 hours and has a range of 25 miles / 40 km (based on a 75 kg rider in flat and smooth conditions).

Safety is paramount and the SwiftyAIR-e comes equipped with front and rear lights, front, rear and side reflectors, and a stylish brass dome Swifty bell!


250W frictionless hub motor enables the rider to kick assist for greater range

36V lithium ion battery - charges in 6 hours

Max Speed 15.5 mph / 25 kph

Range 25 miles / 40 km at full throttle, up to 50 miles riding kick assist (dependent on terrain, weather conditions, rider weight, tyre pressure, rider fitness etc.

Note for UK customers: It is illegal to ride e-scooters in public spaces (roads, cycle lanes, pavements). It must be ridden on private land with landowners permission. This law is currently under review. 

SwiftyAIR-e Full Specification