Primus TrailBreak Lunch Jug

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We just love the practical design of the TrailBreak Lunch Jug by Primus.

A robust and vacuum insulated thermos that will keep your food hot when you're out and about. The stainless steel interior does not absorb or give off any flavour, ensuring your food tastes as it should.

The powder-coated exterior is scratch resistant and has a nice grip in the hand, with a convenient large opening that makes it easy to fill, eat from, and clean after use. The sleek design and snug fitting lid means it won't take up too much room in your backpack.

Perfect for carrying kids’ school snacks, a quick lunch in the office, or a warm stew in the outdoors. 

  • The thermos should not be washed in the dishwasher, as doing so can damage the powder coating. Do not let the lid boil.
  • Double walled vacuum insulated food thermos.
  • Keeps the food hot.
  • Powder coated exterior & easy to grip.
  • Large opening.