The Workshop

At Bell's we have a dedicated workshop in Hastings Old Town with highly skilled mechanics whose specialist areas range from maintaining high end road bikes to classic bike restoration. We cater for every type of bike and each repair is carried out to the highest possible standard, whether that be an every day puncture or a full overhaul. 

Please see our workshop price list below. Or pop in and have a chat with us, we'll happily look over your bike at no cost and suggest the level of service you may need.  

Service Procedure

When we receive your bike into the workshop we will advise which level of service you require to keep everything running smoothly and safely. Our customer's safety is our top priority so we will always point out an issue that gives us concern. If you choose not to go ahead with this, we may refuse to carry out any of the work. We want to be in full confidence that every bike leaving our workshop is of the highest safety standards.

The level of service will depend primarily on the condition of your bike, this will be decided once we have discussed what you want from the service and have given the bike a thorough inspection. 

Service Regularity

The daily commuter.

Aim to have your bike fully serviced at least twice a year, with one of those services used to replace parts that are subject to common wear.

Occasional commuters, leisure riders.

Aim to give your a bike a basic or full service at least once a year. The service level will depend largely on the amount of miles you’re doing, and the weather you ride in.

Feel free to drop your bike into us any day of the week and we'll get to it as quickly as possible. If the repair is time sensitive then please book a time slot by calling us on 01424 716 541 or emailing us at