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        BELLS BY THE SEA — pink bike

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        We're seeing the new year through rose tinted glasses.

        If the fashion world can forecaste trends for the coming season then we think the bike world should too, so we've cast our eyes and we're seeing a suprising amount of pink about!

        Pink is not to be dismissed. Long gone is the notion that pink is exclusively for the girliest of girls. We at Bells have been big fans of pink for yonks, we think it's hot, cool and rather sexy.

        Without getting too Guardian supplement on you, we think the best way to ride pink is to work contrast. The TokyoBike bisou (momo) comes out tops. Super bright pink paintwork with a sleek simple frame, very clever.

        TokyoBike momo pink 

        Bobbin have also embraced the pink craze by bringing out the ever popular Birdie in flamingo pink and the Brownie in pale rose.

        Bobbin Brownie pink

        Now this is what we call contrast. What does one wear with their pink Bobbin Birdie? Black leather gold studded cycling gloves of course! Bravo!