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        BELLS BY THE SEA — herschel hastings

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        Herschel rucksacks at Bells Bicycles

        Bikes and bags seem to just go together, especially rucksacks. They both embrace style and practicality: our two favourite things at Bells Bicycles. Our new love is the Herschel range, cool colourful and comfy. 

        They are the perfect bags for cyclists, when we say bags for cyclists we are referring to well made, structured, comfortable bags that are great for carrying your things when on the move. They don't attach to the bike, they are so comfy they don't need to! 

        Our chosen pieces from the Herschel range have to be the Little America for its modern twist on the old mountaineering rucksack.

                  Herschel Little America grey                  

                      Herschel Little America grey

                    The Herschel Little America (grey) £78

                Herschel Little America blackHerschel Little America black

                  Herschel Little America (black) £78

         Herschel Little America blue    Herschel Little America blue

         Herschel Little America (blue) £78

        You can find more of the Herschel range in our bags for cyclists section.